recipe corner — apple and egg yolk omlette

it seems the only posts in here lately have been recipes, right? I so wish I could write about some of the other things that have been going on, like Kenny’s antics at the day care and at home, how he’s learning to cruise, saying some words etc. but that will come later. like when I have all the time in the world to relax and ponder upon the good things in life; for now, it will be another recipe which might come to the aid of some mommy somewhere who’s trying to create something that appeals to her fussy eater offspring!

Kenny’s still not one, so he’s not been given the green signal for having whole eggs or whole milk yet. this does pose a problem in innovating as much as I would like to, but I keep trying to find good enough substitutes. at first, I used to make him egg yolk omlettes and he didn’t particularly like them (who would? I don’t!). I did want him to eat egg yolks atleast every alternate day though, so that’s how I started making bread fingers for Kenny (French fry shaped bread pieces dipped in egg yolk mixed with sugar and toasted in some amul butter). he loved it, but like all little babies, grew tired of eating the same thing everyday. and that’s how the apple egg yolk omlette happened 🙂


yolk of 1 egg

one quarter of an apple grated into a really fine consistency, almost like a slush/mash. (I use the really fine grater, instead of the standard big one used for veggies).

a little amul butter for cooking (I use amul butter almost exclusively for Kenny’s cooking; I rarely add any extra salt to the dishes I prepare for him).


mix the egg yolk and the grated apple well. heat butter in a frying pan and spread the mixture as you would while preparing an omlette. cook on low heat for around 5 minutes on one side, then flip the omlette and cook for 2 minutes or so on the other side. at the end, you’ll have an omlette with a lovely caramelized look.

we (Kenny’s dad and I) liked this one too 🙂 the slight sweetness augured well with the egg yolk 🙂



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recipe corner — banana and dates pakora

so here’s another recipe that i nailed; in the sense that the little guy loved the end product. i call it banana and dates pakora, you could call it banana and dates fritters if you so wished 🙂 same difference!


whole wheat flour (atta) — 3 table spoons

ripe bananas – 2 

deseeded dates — around 6-7

water as much as is required to get a pakora like consistency

oil for frying


mix the bananas and the dates with some water (a few teaspoonfuls) and blend in a mixer or food processor. add this mixture to the atta/whole wheat flour and make a batter. if you feel that the mix is not sweet enough, add a couple more dates or one more banana or if you feel that it’s too sweet, add some more atta. when you feel that you’ve nailed the consistency and the taste in terms of the right sweetness, set the mixture aside.

in a kadai, heat oil (take enough oil to allow the pakoras to dance in; it shouldn’t be too less, which would essentially not allow for good, uniform frying). when the oil is hot enough, add teaspoonfuls of the mixture and fry until they turn brown in colour. 



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recipe corner — besan laddu

so what’s the big deal about besan laddu and why would it feature on a mommy blog? well normally it shouldn’t, considering that there are recipes galore on the internet for this most delectable indian sweet, but mine has a sweet and healthy twist to it. how did i foray into experimental culinary pursuits while taking care of a growing baby, did you ask? well my son’s entry into the big, wide world of solid foods was not exactly a raving success; the exact opposite infact. he screamed when i tried to feed him cerelac or carrot puree or ragi porridge or mashed banana. in short, he disliked everything about baby food and held on to mamma’s milk as his sole source of sustenance for the longest time (even as a seven and half month old) at around that time, he sprouted two tiny teeth and i decided that i wouldn’t rely on the tried and tested solid foods for the slightly older babies since the porridge and cereal phase had been such a disaster. that’s how i decided to innovate and offer kenneth a wide range of tasty but health food.

i used this recipe for the method of preparation as well as for getting an insight into the approximate ratio of the ingredients that i had in mind. i have decided to eliminate the use of white sugar in kenneth’s diet almost completely, for as long as i can manage to do so (read tantrums notwithstanding when he grows a little older). as such, for this recipe, i used a cooked slurry of dates instead of the powdered white sugar. without further ado, let me delve right into the laddu and end your wait 🙂


besan (gram flour) — 100 gm

lion desert king dates — 8-10 (de-seed the dates before you make the slurry).

ghee — between 35-45 gm


1. de-seed the dates and add to half a cup of boiling water in a pan. keep the lid closed and continue cooking on low flame for around 2-3 minutes.

2. remove the lid and check the consistency; it should form a kind of thick slurry to be useful in the recipe. if you feel the need for it, add some water and cook for some more time keeping the lid closed.

3. proceed to the original recipe and cook the besan as per step 1 of the recipe.

4. remove besan from the cooking pan into a bowl and instead of powdered white sugar, add 3-4 spoonfuls of the date slurry to the ghee+besan mixture and keep mixing until you get a nice dough. do a taste test and add some more of the date slurry if you feel that the sweetness quotient is not up to the desired level. re-knead to form a dough.

5. remove small portions of the dough and make small laddus.

you can store the laddus in an airtight container. as hubby and i found out, adults can also enjoy this variant of the besan laddu along with their tiny offspring 😉

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a love like no other

before kenneth arrived, i had never been within one hand distance of any baby for more than half an hour. babies and i opted to be  mutually exclusive to suit each others tastes. needless to say, i was totally unprepared for the variety of challenges that motherhood threw at me.

to begin with, i didn’t know that babies need to be fed round the clock for the first 45 days or so of their life. their stomachs are only as big as a walnut when they are born, and hence the need for the almost constant feeding. i remember the precise moment when the baby’s doctor told me to feed the baby every two hours without fail; i asked her “even at nights? that frequent, eh?”.

my son made sure that he got my undivided attention even more frequently than every 2 hours every day. those first few weeks were a blur and they left me dazed and stressed and almost ready to call it quits on motherhood. i remember resenting the fact that fathers had it very easy; nobody expects them to take care of the newborn at all. a mother on the other hand has to answer a whole lot of questions from doctors and “well wishers”, receive unsolicited advice, trim the baby’s ever growing finger nails, change diapers, keep count of wet and soiled diapers, feed round the clock and in general lead miserable lives until they get a hang of motherhood.

just about when i was getting a little depressed with my perceived “failure” to be a great mother, two little miracles happened. one day, as i sat watching him or singing to him (i don’t remember which), the little one smiled. up until then, he would smile only in his sleep, but this time, he smiled because of something i had done and at that moment, i was willing to believe that maybe the baby liked me a little after all. that smile was also the forerunner for some melodious cooing. i loved listening to his coos in response to my silly rhymes and songs.

and thus it was, that after nearly two months of his arrival, kenneth matthew jacob stole my heart forever after. a switch flipped on somewhere in my heart, and whereas i had gone about motherhood thus far out of a greater sense of duty than unconditional love, after that magical instant, it was all about love and nothing else. the sleepless nights, incessant nursing sessions, aching arms, bouts of fever and soreness — everything paled in significance as i marvelled at the human capacity of loving and being loved.

no wonder they say that the birth of a child brings hope to the whole of mankind. the smile of a helpless baby can melt the hardest of hearts to sheer mush and that is the power of all encompassing love. 


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the baby shopping list

a few days ago, i was rummaging through my hand bag for some long lost debit card. the debit card remained elusive but what i did find, was a piece of paper with handwritten notes that brought a smile upon my lips, albeit a tad wry.

it was my baby shopping list, all of 10 items long, which i had drafted after hours of painstaking research on the internet. and oh yes, it had undergone two rounds of expert scrutiny, one from my good friend and colleague and the other from my older cousin and confidante. the third round of scrutiny was had by the cousin’s wise-beyond-her-years 8 year old, who asked me “sumy aunty, what do you need a cradle for?”. ah well. so coming back to the list, in retrospect, it was far less from sufficient for what we actually needed.

i had in there an entry for baby clothes with (7) next to it. next up were burp clothes (4) and cloth diapers (7). what in the world was i thinking of, when i put in those numbers, i wonder. ofcourse, i had no means of knowing that babies feed every one hour or so all through the day and that, more often than not, what goes in, comes out faster than the rate at which it went in. so the clothes and the burp cloth and the diapers are all very in-demand items in a new baby household.

so if you are a would-be first time mother with nobody in particular to turn to for sound advice on baby rearing, please be advised that those numbers in the parentheses should be twice or thrice the values i entered on my baby shopping list.  to be fair to my friend and cousin, their advice was sought only for the items themselves, not for the numbers.

and if i were you, i would not opt for cloth diapers at all. screw everything that everybody tells you about diaper rash and bow legged babies and how the indian climate is so anti-disposable diaper clad babies. any baby can get a diaper rash if his bottom is not clean and dry, cloth or disposable diaper not withstanding. i would also go easy on the liberal use of baby powder; just because it’s a staple in every gift set, you need not use it arbitrarily.

and oh, the cradle… we didn’t buy one after all. atleast not right away; we took the little girl’s advice and bought it after a couple of months 🙂

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how it all began

disclaimer: while i do tend to be a stickler for discipline in all arenas, the proper use of the english language included, capital letters and i don’t go a long way, so you may find them missing almost always in my posts and comments. my apologies to the folks who can’t stand that type of irreverence to the queen of languages.

they say a woman is incomplete until she becomes a mother. while that is a rather extreme take on womanhood and parenthood, i do think that motherhood brings out the best in a woman. i am sure fatherhood does the same to men, but a man would be better qualified to talk about that; and so my blog will tell you what it’s like to be a mother, provide some tips and tricks and maybe even a story or a recipe every once in a while.

lest i set the impression of being a veteran member of the motherhood sorority, let me set things straight. i am all of 31, a not so young however not that old mother of an almost one year old. which means that while i sport a few strands of grey, motherhood is a relatively new phase in my life. having taken care of the baby almost by myself for the most part of the last ten months however might qualify for something, what say?

kenneth matthew jacob arrived on a monday afternoon with the customary wail and two rounds of the umbilical chord around his neck, much like his mother had 30 years before. when they brought him to me before whisking him out of the operation theatre, i honestly didn’t know how to react. they say you feel overwhelmed at the sight of your baby and that it makes you forget the pain of having begotten him. maybe because i had an uneventful pregnancy, and a relatively hassle free mundane c-section delivery with the drugs numbing my nerves, the overwhelming bit did not happen at that instant. it felt surreal that i had just become mother of a little baby boy who they now held close to my face, but i didn’t feel like crying for joy or anything like that. so i kissed him, and in retrospect, i think it might have shown on my face that i was quite honestly bewildered as to what was expected of me.

my advice for wannabe first time mothers is to reflect upon the scene and think of something you would like to do/say, in the days leading up to your delivery if you plan on having someone take a video of the moment or would want to recollect it when you are 80.

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