how it all began

disclaimer: while i do tend to be a stickler for discipline in all arenas, the proper use of the english language included, capital letters and i don’t go a long way, so you may find them missing almost always in my posts and comments. my apologies to the folks who can’t stand that type of irreverence to the queen of languages.

they say a woman is incomplete until she becomes a mother. while that is a rather extreme take on womanhood and parenthood, i do think that motherhood brings out the best in a woman. i am sure fatherhood does the same to men, but a man would be better qualified to talk about that; and so my blog will tell you what it’s like to be a mother, provide some tips and tricks and maybe even a story or a recipe every once in a while.

lest i set the impression of being a veteran member of the motherhood sorority, let me set things straight. i am all of 31, a not so young however not that old mother of an almost one year old. which means that while i sport a few strands of grey, motherhood is a relatively new phase in my life. having taken care of the baby almost by myself for the most part of the last ten months however might qualify for something, what say?

kenneth matthew jacob arrived on a monday afternoon with the customary wail and two rounds of the umbilical chord around his neck, much like his mother had 30 years before. when they brought him to me before whisking him out of the operation theatre, i honestly didn’t know how to react. they say you feel overwhelmed at the sight of your baby and that it makes you forget the pain of having begotten him. maybe because i had an uneventful pregnancy, and a relatively hassle free mundane c-section delivery with the drugs numbing my nerves, the overwhelming bit did not happen at that instant. it felt surreal that i had just become mother of a little baby boy who they now held close to my face, but i didn’t feel like crying for joy or anything like that. so i kissed him, and in retrospect, i think it might have shown on my face that i was quite honestly bewildered as to what was expected of me.

my advice for wannabe first time mothers is to reflect upon the scene and think of something you would like to do/say, in the days leading up to your delivery if you plan on having someone take a video of the moment or would want to recollect it when you are 80.

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5 Responses to how it all began

  1. lovely sumi πŸ™‚ u always rock now with kenny boy πŸ™‚

  2. Arshiya says:

    Very nice sumitha.. continue writing more..

  3. Rinku says:

    very nice Sumi… reminded me of how it was 5 months back.. keep writing…

  4. Pooja says:

    Was that the end….?!! I thought more was to come and I kept checking for a ‘to be continued’!
    But this is great…Describes my ex
    perience to the t

  5. spotsherin says:

    thanks people πŸ™‚ @ pooja –> i’ll keep writing the sequels and anecdotes (atleast that’s the hope!) πŸ™‚

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