the baby shopping list

a few days ago, i was rummaging through my hand bag for some long lost debit card. the debit card remained elusive but what i did find, was a piece of paper with handwritten notes that brought a smile upon my lips, albeit a tad wry.

it was my baby shopping list, all of 10 items long, which i had drafted after hours of painstaking research on the internet. and oh yes, it had undergone two rounds of expert scrutiny, one from my good friend and colleague and the other from my older cousin and confidante. the third round of scrutiny was had by the cousin’s wise-beyond-her-years 8 year old, who asked me “sumy aunty, what do you need a cradle for?”. ah well. so coming back to the list, in retrospect, it was far less from sufficient for what we actually needed.

i had in there an entry for baby clothes with (7) next to it. next up were burp clothes (4) and cloth diapers (7). what in the world was i thinking of, when i put in those numbers, i wonder. ofcourse, i had no means of knowing that babies feed every one hour or so all through the day and that, more often than not, what goes in, comes out faster than the rate at which it went in. so the clothes and the burp cloth and the diapers are all very in-demand items in a new baby household.

so if you are a would-be first time mother with nobody in particular to turn to for sound advice on baby rearing, please be advised that those numbers in the parentheses should be twice or thrice the values i entered on my baby shopping list.  to be fair to my friend and cousin, their advice was sought only for the items themselves, not for the numbers.

and if i were you, i would not opt for cloth diapers at all. screw everything that everybody tells you about diaper rash and bow legged babies and how the indian climate is so anti-disposable diaper clad babies. any baby can get a diaper rash if his bottom is not clean and dry, cloth or disposable diaper not withstanding. i would also go easy on the liberal use of baby powder; just because it’s a staple in every gift set, you need not use it arbitrarily.

and oh, the cradle… we didn’t buy one after all. atleast not right away; we took the little girl’s advice and bought it after a couple of months 🙂

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