recipe corner — banana and dates pakora

so here’s another recipe that i nailed; in the sense that the little guy loved the end product. i call it banana and dates pakora, you could call it banana and dates fritters if you so wished 🙂 same difference!


whole wheat flour (atta) — 3 table spoons

ripe bananas – 2 

deseeded dates — around 6-7

water as much as is required to get a pakora like consistency

oil for frying


mix the bananas and the dates with some water (a few teaspoonfuls) and blend in a mixer or food processor. add this mixture to the atta/whole wheat flour and make a batter. if you feel that the mix is not sweet enough, add a couple more dates or one more banana or if you feel that it’s too sweet, add some more atta. when you feel that you’ve nailed the consistency and the taste in terms of the right sweetness, set the mixture aside.

in a kadai, heat oil (take enough oil to allow the pakoras to dance in; it shouldn’t be too less, which would essentially not allow for good, uniform frying). when the oil is hot enough, add teaspoonfuls of the mixture and fry until they turn brown in colour. 



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2 Responses to recipe corner — banana and dates pakora

  1. Pooja says:

    You know, a version that is close enough is toffee apples. Take apple chunks and dip in a milk/water batter of maida/atta with one beaten egg. Add no sugar. Fry quickly. The apple melts and its just rightly sweet.

    To serve to adults , or to take it one step further, make a sugar syrup and quickly dunk when the fritters are hot and set aside to cool/crystallize. I serve it with a home made plum preserve.

  2. sumitha says:

    that sounds like a yummy recipe, pooja. shall try it over the weekend, thanks 🙂

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