recipe corner — apple and egg yolk omlette

it seems the only posts in here lately have been recipes, right? I so wish I could write about some of the other things that have been going on, like Kenny’s antics at the day care and at home, how he’s learning to cruise, saying some words etc. but that will come later. like when I have all the time in the world to relax and ponder upon the good things in life; for now, it will be another recipe which might come to the aid of some mommy somewhere who’s trying to create something that appeals to her fussy eater offspring!

Kenny’s still not one, so he’s not been given the green signal for having whole eggs or whole milk yet. this does pose a problem in innovating as much as I would like to, but I keep trying to find good enough substitutes. at first, I used to make him egg yolk omlettes and he didn’t particularly like them (who would? I don’t!). I did want him to eat egg yolks atleast every alternate day though, so that’s how I started making bread fingers for Kenny (French fry shaped bread pieces dipped in egg yolk mixed with sugar and toasted in some amul butter). he loved it, but like all little babies, grew tired of eating the same thing everyday. and that’s how the apple egg yolk omlette happened 🙂


yolk of 1 egg

one quarter of an apple grated into a really fine consistency, almost like a slush/mash. (I use the really fine grater, instead of the standard big one used for veggies).

a little amul butter for cooking (I use amul butter almost exclusively for Kenny’s cooking; I rarely add any extra salt to the dishes I prepare for him).


mix the egg yolk and the grated apple well. heat butter in a frying pan and spread the mixture as you would while preparing an omlette. cook on low heat for around 5 minutes on one side, then flip the omlette and cook for 2 minutes or so on the other side. at the end, you’ll have an omlette with a lovely caramelized look.

we (Kenny’s dad and I) liked this one too 🙂 the slight sweetness augured well with the egg yolk 🙂



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